Spread over 12,000 Sq.ft., the new office of Roche DC India has been designed around best in class workplace concepts. The design strategy for the new workspace at Roche DC was derived taking into account leadership views, employee preferences along with a structured approach to current and future business needs.

The new work floor is spacious, open and visually connected from end to end, allowing team leaders to connect seamlessly with their respective teams. Moreover, the office is equipped with suspended acoustic screens that offer employees the privacy and quiet to conduct focused work efficiently, even within an open work-floor.

Every aspect of the interior space is designed with much thought and consideration. The north side of the office is fitted with full height glazing, allowing ample sunlight into the interiors. The use of a vibrant colour palette of yellows and greens energizes the space whilst rows of natural planters and greenery offers visual appeal and warmth to the workspace. A mix of varying scales of meeting rooms offer employees the flexibility to sit, stand or lounge whilst collaborating whilst creative ideation spots across the work-floor enhance communication and productivity across teams.

Equipped with a gym, training room and state of art cafeteria, the Roche DC workplace is a positive and vibrant work environment that offers flexibility to adapt to changing work needs and cater to Roche DC’s growth and expansion plans.

Interior Design: Beyond Design, 2018