Attention to detail

Attention to detail

A small piece of the whole, yet with the power to characterize and define the entire building.

The details are not the details, they make the design. Charles Eames - Architect and Designer
Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A.

Simple and elegant detailing

Architectural detail plays an important role in defining the theoretical expression and technical character of a building. Not only can it become an identity feature of the building, it enhances the experience of the finished project.

The way diverse construction elements are put together determines the quality of the whole space. The difference between an ordinary box and an elegant building lies in the mastering of composition, proportions, selection of materials and detailing.

Solar control elements

Special attention should be given to different parts of the building such as entrance areas, staircases, roof trims, handrails, fenestration, and sun shading elements. Maintenance and easy cleaning should be always considered and agreed with facility management during design phase. Façade shading elements are to be considered for an optimized thermal performance according to sustainability standards (K-18 energy directive)

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A.

Brise Soleil

  • Fixed shading element that characterizes a façade.
  • Provides the most possible transparency.
  • Fixed, wind resistant and maintenance free.

Roche Basel, Switzerland

Venetian Blinds

  • Provides effective solar shading when placed outside
  • Adaptable for glare and light control, including darkening.

Roche Suzhou, China

Textile awning

  • Offers heat protection with adaptable shading.
  • Provides glare control
  • Elegant and airy.

Entrance Canopy

  • Emphasizes the entrance area.
  • Provides an in between rain protected area

Key to Attention to detail

  • Ensure thoughtful construction detailing, elegant and simple.
  • Employ plain functional solutions, never overly articulated or ornamental.
  • Consistent attention should be given to the entrance areas, staircases, roof trims, handrails, fenestration, and sun shading elements.