The people behind Our spaces


Based on an idea by
Kolja A. Bartscherer

Project lead and content ownership
Mònica Ors Romagosa

Creative lead
Mike Fung

Project team
Alexander Bieri
Robert Bracken
Christoph Rogge
Juerg Erb / Ulrich Ahlers

Interior design and general graphic design concept

Web design

Our spaces film

Text edition
Blanca Castañeda and Tammy Stoner

Sounding board
Peter Saladin
Sean Gibbons
Gérard Wagner
Dominik Wittenbeck


Based on content previously developed by

Architecture concepts
Christiane Glanzmann & Gérard Wagner with Gim Architekten, based on Roche architectural tradition, O. Salvisberg and R. Rohn.

Urban design concepts
Robert Bracken with SOM,

Landscape design concepts
Kolja A. Bartscherer with Olin,