Designed from the inside out

Designed from the inside out

When appearance of a building reflects its inner organisation, its character becomes clear and understandable.

Roche Basel, Switzerland
Create form out of the nature of the task, with the means of our time. This is our work. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Architect

Reveal the purpose

Conceive the project with a sensible approach that places people, experiences, and relationships at the centre of design and seeks to supply opportunity for discovery, growth, and transformation, derived from efficient functionality. The building’s expression must be coherent with its functional typology.

Roche Basel, Switzerland


Showcase spaces in common areas and halls that are visible from the exterior and ensure privacy to areas where the user needs to concentrate.

Roche Kaiseraugst, Switzerland


Provide daylight, visual contact with nature, and a rational structure for efficiency. Public or private program distribution shall be able to be perceived from the outside.

Roche Kaiseraugst, Switzerland


The specific acoustic and artificial lighting requirements determine the opaque facade of the auditorium. However, since the ground floor is affected by the reception hall, it will have a direct visual relationship with the exterior, which will invite users to access.

Roche Basel, Switzerland


The functional requirements of amenities buildings, having a more relaxed nature, are reflected in the volume and allow for a more expressive facade composition.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A

Design follows function

A building is conceived to satisfy a functional program that determines its interior spatial organization and consequently affects its structure, geometry, and envelope design.

Designing from the inside out also means that:

  • The spatial composition of the interior must reflect simplicity in response to the disparate functional arrangement of activities in the open plan.
  • The structure needs to allow for versatile arrangements of the program and guarantee spatial clarity and quality.
  • The diversity of work settings should be made visible in administration buildings.

Key to Designed from the inside out

  • Function should drive form and structure.
  • Employ clear, rational and simple spatial organization and structure for flexibility of use.
  • The building’s expression must be consistent with functional typology.