Emblematic stairs

Emblematic stairs

Staircases have become, with time, a trademark of Roche architecture.

Roche Basel, Switzerland
Architecture is inhabited sculpture. Constantin Brancusi - Sculptor

Experience movement

A staircase should be designed not merely thinking of its function of connecting floors, but as a experience of the third dimension for people: a highly functional element in the internal circulation of a building, laden with cultural and psychological symbolism. We want to encourage people’s movement. Stairs should be placed strategically and visible to invite people to walk, to promote social interaction and well-being.

Roche Building 21, Basel, Switzerland

The oak stair from Roche house architect Salvisberg, a masterpiece developed in 1936 for the administration building 21 in Basel.

Roche Building 1, Basel, Switzerland

Improve the users’ spatial experience by designing shapes that reflect body movement.

Roche Basel, Switzerland

Dimensions, scale and proportions of the stairs should be related to the building spaces where they are placed.

The staircase is a strategic element that enables an unobstructed and flexible open plan.

Key to Emblematic stairs

  • Encourage the use of stairs by placing them visibly in places of social interaction.
  • Reflect on body movement to create a spatial experience through emblematic stairs.