The expression of function

Clean lines, correct proportions, and elegance without stylish elements.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A
“Form ever follows function.” Louis Sullivan – Architect

Outspoken, yet elegant, function

Roche Kaiseraugst, Switzerland

Form is the elegant image of a well-structured space. Rectilinear shapes are easily referenced by the human eye. Therefore, plan rectangular geometries and, when use and climate permit, transparent volumes.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A

Form expresses content. On Roche sites, this means a regular structure with clear, uncluttered internal organization that avoids extravagance.

Roche Kaiseraugst, Switzerland

Roche buildings share certain formal attributes: rationality, rectangular geometries, clear lines, lack of ornamentation, evident positioning of entrance and, above all, a timeless appearance.

Key to The expression of function

  • Form relates to the content and interior organization, reflecting the building’s function.
  • Use rectilinear forms, as they are easily referenced by the human eye.
  • Roche buildings must have a timeless elegant appearance.
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