Strengthen the site’s identity

Strengthen the site’s identity

Referencing local culture creates a feeling of belonging and conveys a sense of place.

Roche Suzhou, China
A landscape ... is a holistic system in which nature and culture co-evolve. Jianguo Wu - Biogeographer

Connecting culture with nature

Understanding the cultural particularities and history of the region, and then reinterpreting and incorporating them into the design, contributes to sustaining the heritage value, promotes local identity, and celebrates the country’s culture.

Analysing the site’s context is necessary to integrate new interventions with their surroundings and with existing buildings; a balanced coordination of these elements results in a harmonious ensemble.

A long-held tradition in Switzerland: a Christmas market of temporary stands is set up in the main square of Roche Rotkreuz.

Abstract interpretation

Roche Basel, Switzerland

Integration of art

Integrate art into the landscape, as it helps relate to local culture and history.

  • Works of art need to be curated and be relevant with the building and context.
  • Consider engaging local artists to produce artworks which interpret the site, always in alignment with Roche brand (through Roche architects).

Roche Suzhou, China

Materials, textures, patterns

Reference local culture by using local materials, and abstract interpretations of textures, patterns, and techniques.

  • Incorporate the rhythm and repetition of textures found in traditional architecture.
  • Use an abstract interpretation of patterns that reference local or historical artworks.
  • Reinterpretations of these elements must be simple and associated with the Roche brand, following a clear design concept.

Retreat, refresh, relax

To further build community, provide spaces that support cultural habits, traditional routines, or customary behaviours. They can range from large, open areas to more secluded zones, according to their expected use.

Key to Local identity

  • Incorporate cultural influences through consistent abstract interpretation of the local tradition and architectural expression.
  • Consider the integration of art into landscape, in alignment with Roche brand and tradition.