Walking experience

Walking experience

Encourage people to walk by improving pedestrian connections, promoting public space life and well-being.

People ignore design that ignores people. Frank Chimero - Designer

Outdoor activity contributes to the vitality of the site and to the health of its users. By designing a dynamic urban environment that invites users to walk and participate in community events, there is more chance for the natural cross pollination of ideas through spontaneous interaction.


To do this:

  • Provide pedestrian spaces that are safe, multi-functional, sustainable, and engaging.
  • Incorporate seating that can be reconfigured to offer eating areas, large event spaces, or more intimate areas.

Key to Walking experience

  • Prioritize the pedestrian experience by promoting connectivity between buildings and open spaces.
  • Support intuitive way-finding and orientation.
  • Arrange seating and planting areas to be intertwined with user activities.