Close to nature

Close to nature

Biophilic design - bringing the restorative qualities of nature into the workplace - has a positive effect on human well-being.

Biophilia is the term used to describe the passionate love of life and all that is alive, though it more specifically refers to the connection humans feel with nature, and their basic, biological need to remain in close contact with it. Erich Fromm - Psychologist

Thinking green

Plants are an integral part of the interior design concept. Develop a clear interior vegetation concept at an early stage of the project, and use it consistently throughout all spaces. The required maintenance strategy should also be agreed with Facility Management.

  • Group plants of different heights for a greater effect and ease of maintenance, as opposed to having them scattered or isolated.
  • Their height should be 50-170 cm, and adapted to size of the space, to contribute to a sense of openness.
  • Growth rate and pattern must be considered.
  • Remember that different plant species will thrive in different spots.
  • Plants can be used in between different activity areas to connect, yet separate them.
  • Pots or planters are also part of the materiality concept of the project and need to be carefully selected.

Prefer native species, which require little irrigation and provide the most amount of green per square meter, like big or full leaves and abundant foliage.

Roche Stockholm, Sweden

Plants may have different functions, such as dividers, screens, or hanging plants.

Roche Kaiseraugst, Switzerland

Combine different varieties of plants, heights, volumes, and types of foliage. Use pots from local crafts or made from local materials, also mixing different heights and shapes, but maintaining consistency.

Benefits for human health

Plants improve air quality conditions, increase oxygen levels and remove allergy-inducing particles, which is especially necessary in an office environment where people spend a great deal of time. The contact with nature also improves concentration, decreases mental fatigue, and offers other psychological benefits.

Key to Close to nature

  • Plants and planters should be an integral part of the interior design concept.
  • The height of vegetation must adapt to the size of space, to contribute to a sense of openness.
  • Arrange plants in groups with diverse sizes and species, and use them for different functions.
  • The chosen species must have a low water consumption and be of easy maintenance, in agreement with Facility Management.