Showcase innovation

Showcase innovation

Foster open discussion and debate by creating innovative spaces for new ideas exchange.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A
If you look at history, innovation doesn't come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect. Steven Johnson - Writer

Anyone at any level can drive change

Engage employees in the brand mission of creative innovation by communicating the positive impact of work in progress inside Roche spaces. Reinforce the idea that achievements are meaningful for all company members by making science advances visible, to attract employees’ attention, boost creativity, and foster interdisciplinarity among different teams.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A

Communicate Roche's purpose

Showcase science and technology as the brand-driving mission:

  • Display the making of / behind the scenes in common areas, such as reception or circulation zones, by making internal processes visible.
  • Promote transparency and openness between spaces; do not hide the laboratories.
  • Innovation is also shown in Roche buildings using the best performing, advanced, durable, and ecological materials.

Roche Tokyo, Japan

Encourage exchange

  • Provide multi-purpose spaces that offer the opportunity to listen to innovative ideas and share knowledge between teams and departments.
  • Integrate the methods and means of advanced research with the qualities of place that spark connection and interaction among different employees.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A

Show works in progress

  • Foster, challenge, and encourage active participation by connecting technology.
  • Plan integrated wall spaces for internal display of works in progress: communication walls, pin boards, or shelves for team work display.

Roche Basel, Switzerland

  • Reflect the past, present, and future of research and development. Use the walls of circulation areas to show the process and progress.

Roche Kaiseraugst, Switzerland

  • Place media screens or display cases in common and public access areas.
  • Innovation should not be associated with a futuristic aesthetic., keep the design simple to focus on the content.

Roche Indianapolis, U.S.A

Celebrate achievements

  • People are motivated by recognition. Encourage users to join the company’s progress in celebration of diversity and multidisciplinary exchange.
  • Provide open, inviting spaces where everyone can celebrate achievements.

Key to Showcase innovation

  • Embody innovation, and showcase science and technology as the brand’s driving mission.
  • Show works in progress on integrated wall spaces, display cases, or media screens.
  • Provide multi-purpose spaces that encourage creativity and sharing of knowledge and ideas.