In 2019 started the ANGLE project – new head office for new ambitions – to relocate over 600 individuals, the headquarters of Roche Pharma in France, outside of Paris in the L’Angle building by Viguier. Each employee is assigned to a human scale area called  “village”. The villages are influenced by the ankle shaped floor plan.

A project co-built by employees understanding practices and needs, deciding the goal of the project, developing a project that meets our needs, resulting in a better experience for all employees : A place to live and work.

The office villages are set up and distributed according to the interactions between teams so that teams can collaborate easily. The people can meet at the canteen called Atrium, at the café where a Barista serves the best coffee and on two roof terraces with a sneak view to the tour Eiffel.
The project design follows Roche sustainability criteria. A smart city serving patients, a new workplace for different ways of collaborating, places that embody our identity and host a wide variety of spaces.

Roche Pharma embraced biophilia as the salient factor for the renovation of the company’s headquarters. Together, they considered tenets of well-being, natural elements, and living organisms as ideal complements to Roche’s return-to-the-office and, with it, newly collaborative ways of working. Thus, the 11,000-square-foot workplace is daylight-filled, calm in color palette, and filled with greenery. Given Roche’s efforts in research and development with the attendant emphasis on information sharing, the company opted to have 55 percent of the HQ designated as collaborative with built-in flexibility. In fact, the top floor has entirely reconfigurable workstations. Down below, two plaza like areas with stadium stairs are aptly named Atrium and Agora. With long communal tables in one and powder-blue ottomans peppering the other, they proclaim the current office a welcoming place to reconnect.


In 2021 the building was awarded by the New York BOY interior design as Best of Year winner for Midsize Corporate Office.

Architect: Saguez & Partners, 2021