Building 3 marks the final phase of the gradual merger of the site’s previous three locations in the Stuttgart metropolitan region, which is regarded as Roche Diagnostics’ competence centre for the development and production of systems for laboratory automation. 

The new site has been built upon an existing facility designed in 2003 by Freivogel Mayer Architekten, including the refurbished office building and the conversion of the former warehouse, into a manufacturing and R&D integration hall with a central community space. This strategy allowed us to preserve the previous structure of the building while upgrading the energy performance and save about 1,500 tons of CO₂ emissions. A great example of how sustainable circular construction practices can support us to lower our environmental impact and increase usability and employee well-being.

Building 3 enlarges the site, providing additional space for research labs and offices, while creating an interior green courtyard, as an outdoor extension of the Herzzone. The interior design concept is consistent with the rest of the site, representing the Roche brand without losing touch of RDAs unique identity and is the result of the workplace strategy and the fruitful and trusting collaboration within the project team.  Flexible spaces in open and varied design promote communication & exchange. The combination of natural materials and industrial accents establishes a visual link between office and production areas and symbolises unity. The use of wood creates a warm atmosphere and underlines the familiar character of the RDA ecosystem.

This project has been distinguished with the IF Design Award 2023 for the Interior Design of the Herzzone and the IWS Award in the category Industrial-logistics. 

Architect & Contractor: Goldbeck. 2022

Art integration: Stefan Rinck, Krokodilopolis