We would like to announce the successful completion of the Beijing Dia relocation project, totaling 5300 square meters and consisting of two full floors of innovative workplace and amenities. The resulting space is a great achievement not only because of the scale and complexity of the project, but also in light of the challenges and delays the team had to face during the past few months as a result of the pandemic.

A comprehensive Workplace Strategy (WPS) effort was conducted at the onset of the project to evaluate workstyles and needs, and ultimately determine the requirements of the future workspace. As a result, mobility was introduced with a variety of settings to support activity-based working. Based on the conclusions drawn by the WPS, the designers created a concept for a connected and balanced environment consisting of Visitor-focused and Employee-focused zones. An external hub surrounding the reception area and an internal hub creating a feature in the midst of workplace neighborhoods, the space is dynamic and engaging, offering a diverse range of functional settings. Aside from conventional workstations and meeting rooms, occupants of the new Beijing office can utilize a variety of alternative space types for effective focus work and collaboration. Work café offers opportunities for social gatherings as well as work, while multiple smaller zones distributed throughout the floors provide employees with team tables, soft seating, and focus booths.

The design concept for the project is rooted in the understanding of the Roche brand and the fine balance of Roche global design principles and the culture and traditions of China, and specifically the city of Beijing. Local natural materials, such as bamboo and linen are used throughout, accented by the color red, which has a particular significance in China. Architectural elements are enhanced by live greenery, bringing the nature and outdoors in, introducing biophilia. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and modern, yet the elements of local character are clearly recognizable, adding a unique effect to the Roche Diagnostics Beijing office.

Architects, interior design: TAO, Beijing. 2020