Building 1 marks the start of the gradual merger of the sites current three locations in the Stuttgart metropolitan region, which is regarded as Roche Diagnostics’ competence center for the development and production of systems for laboratory automation. The office building, which was built in 2003, covers an area of around 3,500 m² spread over seven floors. The space created is a great milestone and achievement, especially considering the challenges the team has had to face in recent months due to the pandemic.

Building 1 represents the Roche brand without losing touch of RDAs unique identity and is the result of a fruitful and trusting collaboration within the project team. At the beginning of the project, a comprehensive Workplace Strategy (WPS) was conducted with RDA employees to evaluate work styles and needs in order to determine the requirements for the future workspace.

The input from the Workplace Strategy and various business scenarios was incorporated into a Site Master Plan that reflects the unique business trajectory and culture of the site. As a result, the designers created a distinctive concept for the Ludwigsburg site that balances between its unique local culture and the iconic aspects of Roche’s global corporate identity. The effect is a distinctive work environment rooted in local character, but unmistakably part of the Roche family. Flexible spaces in open and varied design promote communication & exchange. The combination of natural materials and industrial accents establishes a visual link between office and production areas and symbolizes unity. The use of wood creates a warm atmosphere and underlines the familiar character of the RDA ecosystem. Clear axes run through the building like boulevards that are reflecting a central element of the baroque city of Ludwigsburg. Bright color accents interrupt the otherwise calm, reduced color concept and spark moments of surprise when entering the floors. Plants enhance architectural elements and connect the exterior and interior spaces.

The 6-month realization of Building 1 will be followed by the expansion of the adjacent production hall and the construction of a new multipurpose building in the upcoming years. The three elements form the new campus of the RDA, which will eventually offer a common home to the approximately 400 employees after more than 10 years of physical separation.

Architects, interior design: Burckhardt+Partner, Basel. 2020