Relocation and interior fit-out project for Roche Diagnostics in Chennai, India.

The planned work environment is open, offering a diversity of space types for effective focus work such as phone booths and focus rooms as well as spaces for increased collaboration and exchange.

The open work area profits from natural light, allocating non-assigned desks as well as managers’ workstations, and features opportunities for team work display. A call center for 12 people, a cafeteria for social encounters that can also be used for work, and support spaces, complete the architectural program.

Incorporating Roche design principles and the culture and traditions of the region was one of the goals of the project. This was achieved by a combination of natural local materials such as copper and wood accents, abstract traditional patterns, and locally manufactured rugs and terracotta plant pots.

The color palette references local context with bright accents such as saffron yellow, the color of the city of Chennai, while local plant species enhance the work environment and contribute to users’ well-being.

The result is a warm, dynamic workspace with an inviting atmosphere, whose identity is rooted in local character but nonetheless fully recognizable as Roche.

Interior Design: MIPPL Design Works, 2021