As a result of the One Roche consolidation the existing Dubai Diagnostics office  was transformed into an agile workspace for Diagnostics, Pharma, and Diabetes Care divisions. Transitioning from a conventional layout with assigned seating to an activity-based environment allowed for improved functionality and addressed needs of the people in the Post-COVID19 workplace. Following employee surveys, a work from home policy was implemented, increasing flexibility and achieving notable space optimization.

The refurbishment was done in alignment with global design guidelines, while reusing a significant amount of existing furniture (approximately 40% of the total furniture scope), as well as architectural elements of the existing office fit-out. The design concept stems from the vibrant office location, taking inspiration from the textures, color palettes, and atmosphere of the surrounding areas. Each neighborhood character was transposed to different space typologies throughout the office, providing variety and assisting with wayfinding. In order to support a variety of activities and multiple teams, several work settings were introduced into the workspace. Along with the Reception and a few central conference and training rooms, the Work Cafe creates a dynamic and lively experience upon the entrance into the office.